5 Steps to Overcome Procrastination


 image credit: cozgrl05

I once saw a guy wearing a shirt and on its back is a print that says, “Procrastinators are the leaders of tomorrow”. While the words made me laugh so much, they also hit me with reality check of my life. I was a procrastinator then and had I continued on with that kind of attitude up to now, I would not have the chance of writing these tips for you.

1) Acknowledge Your Procrastination.
Accept the fact that your future self-will procrastinate. Saying “I will never procrastinate again” to yourself over and over again will just bring you more frustration and more self-hate because you’re gonna procrastinate no matter what.

2) Externally Imposed Deadlines Are Better Than Self-Imposed Deadlines
Self-imposed deadlines could be effective in controlling ourselves but they are not as successful as externally imposed deadlines.

3) Enjoy The Moment.
Instead of thinking of 15 minutes of grueling work, think of positive things while doing the work. Words like “I enjoy being productive” or “This is great!” will help yourself be motivated and focused on what’s you’re doing at the moment.

4) Make A List Of Reasons Why You Want to Complete the Task.
It could be because you’re going to be rich or become famous, whatever your reasons are put them always in your mind so that instead of thinking of the present torture, you’ll be thinking more about the rewards later.

5) Procrastination is A Symptom Not A Cause.
Procrastination could be a symptom of lack of motivation or lack of passion. So, if you’ve been putting on hold things to do, perhaps a little evaluation of yourself could shed a light on the problem.

Oftentimes, people procrastinate because they simply don’t love the work. And in such cases, getting a fresh new job that truly suits them can make a difference in their battle against procrastination.


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